I've had a love for animals for as long as I could remember. I was always trying to talk my parents into another pet.

When I was 17, my dad told me I needed to find a job to help pay for things, so I applied at the Petco by my house.

I was hired as a bather and soon discovered that I could make a career out of this starter job.

I started apprentencing and soon became a certified professional groomer.

One of my managers owned several standard poodles and I was lucky to be able to practice my grooming skills on her dogs.

I soon fell in love with the breed and knew one day I would have my very own poodles.

I groomed for a well known breeder and learned many things from her. That's when I fell in love with the

multi-colored poodle.

My Goal:

I have this dream that some day multicolored poodles will be shown in an AKC conformation ring, the way UKC does it.

I strive to produce puppies that are structurally and mentally sound. I also want to have puppies that are healthy and

that's why health testing my breeding dogs is so important to me. I want my puppies to go from the show ring,

to the lure course, to cuddle on the couch. Poodles are so versitile and can do anything you ask of them.