Our upcoming litter is planned for Fall 2023 between Iris and Dragon.

Our first step with our puppy planning is to select the stud.

We want to pick a stud that compliments our female both structurally and temperment wise with the goals we have in mind.
Two months before the heat cycle is expected, we start our female on premium prenatal vitamins specifically for breeding.
After the breeding has taken place, we wait 4 weeks to hopefully confirm the pregnancy via ultrasound.
If breeding is successful, we count 63 days from the breeding to give us the due date.

After puppies are born:
We start Early Neurological Stimulation at 3 days old and continue through 16 days old.
Early Scent Introduction is during the same time frame.
We also utilize the Rules of 7's to help maximize puppy socilization.
Our puppies are raised inside our home with our family including 5 humans of various ages, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 11 chickens.
We use Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols.
At 7 weeks old, we have the puppies tested using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.
By that age, we already have a very good idea on puppy temperments.
This way they are analyzed by a stranger and have offical forms filled out to supply to prospective families.
We send our puppies home after 10 weeks of age. By this time, we've started potty training along with basic manners.
High Desert puppies go home with all age appropriate vaccinations done by my vet, prepaid AKC registration, and prepaid Fi Nano microchips.
The puppies also go home with a record binder and goody bag.